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Individual & Small Business Services

Some Local Services We Provide At Our Office In Carthage Missouri

Hardware Issues

We can tell you what is wrong with your computer with our hardware diagnostics service.

Software Troubleshooting

If your computer is running slow or things are not quite working right. We can take care of any issue your pc has.

Backup Solutions

Don’t worry about losing your information. We can back it all up and transfer it to your desired media.

Small Business & Enterprise Services

Managed And Hosted Solutions

Managed IT Services

We provide managed IT support services so you can focus on your business instead of technology.

Web Design

We design our websites with the latest HTML5 & PHP technology to make your site look great and function well.

Internet Of Things

Managed IoT solutions from solar powered remote cameras to SD-WAN devices. 


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring services insure your network is maintained and running smoothly.

Managed Networking

We have an extensive track record of network design, implementation, managing, and supporting multivendor enterprise networks. 

Cloud & Hosted Voice (PBX)

We can save you thousands on your monthly business phone bill. From 5-5000 extensions, we can make a system fit any size business.

Managed Support Services

Our remote support response time is second to none. We can connect to your machine in a matter of seconds and start fixing the issues with your network or computers.

Connected Security & Surveillance

With quality up to 4k and support up to 2500 cameras. Cloud & In house Hosting Available. 


Infrastructure Control

Infrastructure control includes access control, maglocks, biometric readers and retina scanners.

Cloud Backup

We provide end to end encrypted cloud backup services. Currently over 1 Petabyte of enterprise grade storage available.

Local Backup

Local backups are always nice if you have slower internet speeds. For restoring large amounts of data or virtual machines this is the best option.