About Us
We Provide Advanced IT Services Including Surveillance, Web Design, WiMax, Remote Support, Infrastructure Monitoring & Control, Including In House Computer Service At Our Main Location. A Christian Family Owned And Operated Business.
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Some Of Our Services
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Built-In Security In Our Remote Support Services
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Network Monitoring

  • Remote Support
  • VOIP/PBX Solutions
  • Access Control
  • WISP Services
  • WiMax Services
  • PTP Long Range
  • PTP Short Range
  • Surveillance
  • Network Monitoring

Complete List Of All IT Services

  • HIPAA & PCI Compliant
  • 256-BIT AES End To End Encryption
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Unique Per-Session Key
  • LDAP & AD Integration
  • All Services Are Hosted On Our In House Servers, No Middle Man

For Our IT Customers We Monitor Every Device On Their Network. If A Node/Device Goes Down We Immediately Get Notified Of The Issue And Take Care Of It. We Also Monitor Ports For DDOS Attacks And Other Intrusions. This Is Just A Brief Overview Of Our Network Monitoring Services.
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